This is a list of Technologies which are organised by the building they are constructed from and the age in which they can be researched.

Stone Age

Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Tech Tree

Stone Age Tool Age Bronze Age Iron Age
Town Center
Fishing Boat Fishing Ship Fire Galley
Trade Boat Merchant Ship
Light Transport Heavy Transport
Scout Ship War Galley Trireme
+ Catapult Trireme (req. Trireme) Juggernaut (req. Engineering)
+ Watch Tower Sentry Tower Guard Tower Ballista Tower (req. Ballistics)
+ Small Wall Medium Wall Fortification
Market (req. Granary)
Farm Wheel
Woodworking Artisanship Craftsmanship
Domestication Plow Irrigation
Gold Mining Coinage
Stone Mining Siegecraft
Temple (req. Market)
Priest Afterlife Jihad
Astrology Polytheism Monotheism Medicine
Mysticism Fanaticism Martyrdom
Government Center (req. Market)
Nobility Architecture Aristocracy Alchemy
Writing Logistics Ballistics Engineering
Storage Pit
Toolworking Metalworking Metallurgy
Leather Armor Scale Armor Chain Mail
Bronze Shield Iron Shield Tower Shield
Clubman Axeman + Short Swordsman Broad Swordsman Long Swordsman Legion (req. Fanaticism)
Archery Range (req. Barracks)
Bowman + Improved Bowman Composite Bowman Horse Archer Heavy Horse Archer (req. Chain Mail)
Chariot Archer (req. Wheel) Elephant Archer
Siege Workshop (req. Archery Range)
Stone Thrower Catapult Heavy Catapult (req. Siegecraft)
Ballista Helepolis (req. Craftsmanship)
Stable (req. Barracks)
Scout Cavalry Heavy Cavalry Cataphract (req. Metallurgy)
Chariot (req. Wheel) Scythe Chariot (req. Nobility)
Camel Rider War Elephant Armored Elephant (req. Iron Shield)
Academy (req. Stable)
Hoplite Phalanx Centurion (req. Aristocracy)
Units; Buildings; Technologies
+ Tech required to unlock the unit/building; Tech to updgrade the unit/building